Stair Rods

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Product Package Contents 1 pcs Rod 2 Heads Screws 2 Pieces Holder Foot.
 (Screws and Carpet are not in the package.)
  You can use the product to fix carpets or mats on your outdoor or indoor stairs.
   You must choose according to the width and height of your carpet or mat.
  If your carpet width is 80 cm, you should choose 90cm, 110 cm if 100 cm, and 130 cm if 120 cm.
  In addition, if the thickness of the carpet is thin or thick, you should choose a thin or thick hood accordingly.
   Select thin rod for thin carpet and thick rod for thick carpet.
   It is made of high quality aluminum material.
   Available in 2 Different Colors. Carpet size should be selected specifically.
  10 mm bar thickness Provides a firm grip, suitable for self-assembly.
  Products are shipped as a set and require assembly.
  Standard series stair rods are easy use on stairs requiring occasional cleaning and carpet replacement.
  Our products are sold in sets as right and left head, rod.
  90 – 110 – 130 cm are available in stock.