Samur Discovery 1503-B Tile Carpet

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Product Description: Tile Carpet
Weaving Technique: Level Loop
Yarn Type: 100% Polypropley or Polyamide Solution Dyed
Pile Height: 3mm – 4mm
Pile Weight: 542gr / m2 to 678gr / m2
Sole: Bitumen or Fiberglass
PVC Product Size: 50×50 cm
Vettermann Test ISO TR 10361 / EN 1471
Applicable Thermal Insulation ISO 8302: 0.10 m2 K / W
Dimensional Stability Test EN 986
Walk Test: EN 1815: 0.1 kV
Horizontal Electrical Durability: ISO CD 10965: 4×108 Ω
Vertical Electrical Durability: ISO CD 10965: 6×1010 Ω
Static Loading: Antistatic
Fire Reaction Certificate: EN ISO 11925-2 EN ISO 9239-1